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Better sight for refugees

150 pairs of glasses are on their way from Lauzerte to the wonderful Katerini Social Pharmacy in Greece, where, thanks to donations, refugees and Greeks can obtain medicine for free. It will be possible to collect more glasses so please let us know if they are needed. Now what we REALLY NEED is someone to find an optician in Athens and in Katerini who would be willing to test refugees eyes for free, or at least for a very reduced price. although the lenses in some of the glasses may suit some people, many people, especially children need a prescription to get a good correction for their sight.

150 paires de lunettes sont en route pour la Pharmacie Sociale à Katerini, Grèce. Nous pouvons récolter plus de lunettes, donc faites nous signe si vous pensez qu'il y a besoin là où vous êtes.

Maintenant, nous avons grand besoin de trouver un ou plusieurs opticiens à Athènes et à Katerini qui voudraient bien faire le test des yeux gratuitement.

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