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Our Mission

Refugees, fleeing persecution and war in their home countries, have lost everything. Many have even lost members of their own families.  The exodus of the Syrians has become the biggest humanitarian emergency of our time.  


The desirability of allowing these people in need into our countries is another discussion whose place is not here, the fact remains they are coming and they need help.  On compassionate grounds, but also in the future interest of all Europeans we must make them as welcome and as comfortable as possible.


Our association has been created to reunite anyone willing to work in this sense.

  • Inform as many people as possible about the needs of the refugees. 

  • Link up with other groups in France and elsewhere in order to keep up to date with the most urgent needs of refugees wherever they are and put the necessary actions in place 

  • Organise events in order to collect funds, clothing, etc.

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