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Masks without borders!

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

UPDATE: our handmade, washable masks are available in Lauzerte at the gallery "Espace Points de Vue". All donations go to help refugees in the Greek camps.

Greece, like every country is suffering from the Covid-19 disease and refugees, already weakened by their past histories are now living in over crowded camps and are particularly vulnerable.

Our volunteers have been busy sewing washable, reusable masks. We quickly realised it was more effcient to sell these in Europe and spend the money on buying similar masks in Greece. In this way we have so far been able to supply 2000 reusable masks to equip the refugees in the camp on Leros Island, working in partnership with our volunteer friends in Greece, ECHO100+, who supervise the distribution.

If you would like to support this project either by direct donation or by ordering masks, we can send by post from France to most European countries. Thank you!

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