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Much needed!

Dressings and bandages: dressings, dressings and dressings and MEDICINES!

All kinds of special bandages for the OR, but also plaster bandages and first aid kits in all sizes.

Equipment for OP:

Inhalation anaesthesia equipment, Surgical vacuum pumps

Defibrilators, sterilisers, ventilators, ECG, surgical instruments (scissors, scalpels, etc.), anaesthesia equipment, operating tables, ultrasound equipment, suture material, venous catheters, syringes, tourniquets, sterile bags, tonometers with large and small cuffs, thermometers - electronic thermometers, tests for hepatitis B and C, intubation material

Blood glucose meters and strips, urinary catheters and bags.

Medicines: Painkillers, Ringer's solutions, antibiotics, antipyretics, insulin, disinfectant solutions, wound ointments, antibacterial medicines in tablet form and in ampoules, tetanus ...

Clothing: surgical aprons, disposable gloves and masks

Drop off point in Lauzerte: Aider-Help&Hope, 1 rue du Millial, Lauzerte

How does it get to Ukraine?

We are doing this collection in confidence with our colleague in Austria Franz Josef Hoellwarth, a dedicated volunteer, whom we have known for many years (since our work for the Yezidis in Iraq). Now "Joe" is collecting for Ukraine with an Ukrainian who has been sending material to Ukraine since 2015.

The medical supervision of this relief transport is done by the emergency doctor P. Dr. Karin Tschare-Fehr and a surgeon in the team P. Peter Wanitschek.

On site in Ukraine, Dmytro Antipov, the humanitarian aid coordinator of the Odessa regional military administration, is coordinating the delivery of aid.

Of course, any monetary donation for Ukraine is also very welcome to our association (see donate page)

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