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Samos camp

Finally the nice distribution center is ready inside the new camp on Samos, Georgia our Greek volunteer and partner has been able to enter with our donations of clothes and visit (it seems voluntary help is needed after all!!). The situation on Samos, Lesvos, and the other islands next to Turkey is very difficult. Inspite of the inhuman and illegal "push backs" at sea, increasing numbers of people are arriving in the small boats and arrive in a pitiful condition, in immediate need of clothing and other aid. A quarantine of a week seems to be the norm and the most needed items given out to these new people first. There are 3 containers for the distribution, one for women, one for men, and this is the children's section in the picture. Men's clothes are in shortest supply. The jeans, T-shirts and sweat shirts kindly donated by our friends in France were quickly given out and we are now in the process of buying underwear, T-shirts and shorts in Athens. These items of clothing as well as many others, including flip-flops, will be needed all the time to meet the basic needs of these desperate people.

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