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Exam time for Georgia's pupils!

I first met Georgia Papadopoulou on Leros whilst we were volunteering there in 2015. At the time she was organising the distribution of donations of clothes as they arrived on the island and her total dedication to helping the refugees was already obvious. Subsequently when I heard she had moved to Samos where she has been teaching english to refugees and needed funds for their inscriptions to take the university exams I had total confidence that we should help her. Her pupils last year passed their exams with flying colours and now it is time again for the next ones to sit theirs.

The photo you see are father and son Karimi, refugees from Afghanistan, who are taking their english exams at the university in Athens along with two other of Georgia's pupils. Another 18 who are still on Samos will be sitting their exams on the island next week. The Karimi family spent 9 months on Samos before being able to move to Athens. The father Saidabdullah is a dentist by profession but has found work in Athens making shoe paddings to help support his family of four. His wife is a doctor.

Arriving in a foreign land, to be able to communicate is surely the most important thing. Georgia is doing a wonderful job and wish all her pupils good luck. Hopefully, with the help of your donations, we will be able to contribute again financially for the next class.

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